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Let my office create a personalized family law plan for you, based on your individual circumstances, and designed to address your unique needs.


When you are facing a breakdown in your relationship, the family law system can be overwhelming. Sitting down with a lawyer for a consultation allows you to get answers to all of the questions you have, learn what to expect from a legal perspective, explore your options, and create a plan that will work for you. All consultations are completely confidential.

Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

Moving in with a new partner or getting engaged is exciting, but you may have questions or concerns about what this change will mean for you from a legal perspective.  Creating a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract when entering into a new relationship can help ensure the assets and principles most important to you are protected.

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Separation Agreements

In many cases it is possible to resolve your separation disputes privately, outside of the Court system. This option is typically less expensive and less stressful than litigation, and can help former spouses remain on amicable terms. Working with a lawyer can ensure you get a Separation Agreement that is built to fit the individual needs of you and your family.

Amending Agreements

When your circumstances change over time, you may need to update your existing Cohabitation Agreement, Marriage Contract, or Separation Agreement. These may include changes to the parenting arrangements or support provisions. Amending Agreements help formalize changes being agreed to from time to time.

Contract Review

Consent Motions to Change

It is important that your existing court order continues to reflect what is happening in your lives, particularly when there are changes in parenting or support. When you and your former spouse agree that updates need to be made to an existing order, you can receive help to formalize those changes by way of a Consent Motion to Change.


If you have been separated for at least one year, you may want to finalize your divorce through a simple or joint divorce application. A divorce is required if you wish to get remarried at any point in the future and can provide a sense of closure after separation. A lawyer can assist you with the preparation and filing of the documents required to obtain your divorce. 

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